Why everyone needs paint protection

By Guest Writer Diana Gordon - Car of choice AUDI R8

You would think that paint protection film would fly off the market shelves when it was first developed… wrong.

Only 30% of new car owners are saving themselves time and money by purchasing a professionally installed, 5 year + warrantied clear bra.

Since the first paint protection film prototypes, the aftermarket auto industry has churned out one type of protective film after another, making paint damage a thing of the past…well, almost.

It seems everything takes a little while to catch on (remember the Beatles…)

I tried to understand the phenomenon by interviewing an industry expert. So I asked Chris West, Owner of Clear Car Armor and former winner of Xpel’s Dealer Install Competition in Las Vegas why I should use protective film, or temporary protective film.

The truth about protective film

D: Why should anyone use protective film?

C: Auto paint is one of the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle. Thanks to technology, cars are lasting longer and longer, but the paint has stayed the same. Clear bra films are how we make paint last as long as your car. You still wash and take care of your car, but now your paint is extra thick and tough. The best part is, protective film is clear. Your paint looks the same. No, I take that back…. Your paint looks better. It looks shiny new. Without film protection, you can’t drive a mile and feel safe that your paint won’t be damaged. So clear bras take away your  -getting scratched or chipped or marred by bird droppings- worries.

D: You’ve been installing clear car bras for years, but you also use TRACWRAP. Why do you use TRACWRAP temporary film if you have professional clear bras?

C: We use TRACWRAP for several things. Personally, I put it on my car for rough driving–high speeds, gravel or dirt roads, basically any place I drive that’s new and I don’t know the roads. In the shop, we use TRACWRAP to protect paint when we work on cars, so we don’t ding up the paint on another car we aren’t working on by accident. That used to happen all the time. It happens to everyone. You finish with a car and it gets bumped by someone or a they walk by with a tool in hand and bam-you’ve got a new paint chipor scratch. I can’t tell you how much we save on paint repair now by using TRACWRAP. It’s really a no brainer for us.

D: So what’s your favorite car and industry event?

C: I’d have to say the Aston Martin DBS. And I like the d&g event in Japan.

D: yeah, the Aston Martin is amazing, but for some reason….I can’t help but like the Audi R8.

With Chris’s help, I started to get a feel for why we don’t always use the best products for our vehicles, and I think I can sum it up in a few words:

We would if we knew how good they worked.

So here’s my take:

If you have never paid for a clear bra or paint protection film, I understand.

Until we have an opportunity to try something ourselves, we can never know what we are missing.

I used to stare down at my hood and grill after my 1-hour commute from work and wonder how so many flies could be busy around the highway…there’s nothing out there…how did they end up all over my car?

I don’t worry too much about bugs or my paint anymore. Maybe I’ve just gotten soft, but I’ve relaxed about my car.

With protective film, I don’t have to worry about not parking under a tree and letting sap and bird droppings corrode my car(or the heat from not parking in the shade), or some kid nicking the rear of my sports car with his skateboard.

If you own a vehicle, and you want people to think you take care of it, you need to get some protective film ASAP.

Any film is better than no film, but if your serious about your car, install a temporary film thick enough to stop gravel damage. What are your options. For the temp stuff, it’s just TRACWRAP. No one else makes a tough temporary film…it costs a little bit more than the cheap films, but worth every penny.

If your car, truck or RV is currently naked, go slap some TRACWRAP on it to buy yourself some time. Then, you can look (at a leisurely pace) into more permanent film options.

That’s the beauty of TRACWRAP. It’s not permanent. You can change your mind, and go for a professional clear bra later. Or, you can always do both.

With paint protection film, for just a few dollars and a few, simple minutes, you can park your auto worry free.

See Chris (blue shirt) in action when he was a runner up at Xpel’s 2007 contest doing a freakishly quick install…he went on to win the contest the following year:

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