We love helping your vehicle look new. We’ve been doing it since 1997, with TRACWRAP since 2014. This is our story…

What We Do

We made it with you in mind so you could add or remove paint protection whenever, wherever. You’ll find TRACWRAP protecting autos across the globe. From our company home in South Texas to the far East and Australia.

We’ve put all of our passion and experience into making TRACWRAP the strongest, most convenient, most affordable paint protection in the world. We make it easy to protect your auto.

How We Do It

Since 1997 we’ve been helping customers protect vehicles of every make and model from the glare of the sun, the wear and tear of travel, the acid from bird droppings and chemicals to gravel sprays and the careless pedestrian.

Why We Do It

But some of our customers wanted something more temporary than professional clear bra products. They wanted to go to the racetrack for the weekend, or put film on their car while it was being towed. They wanted to protect their RV for short term trips since they only hit the road a few weeks out of the year.

So we decided to put the power of paint protection in your hands. We made TRACWRAP with a special adhesive so you could pull it off in a matter of seconds without leaving bits of plastic or glue behind. We also made it tough, so it could withstand rock chips.

We love professionally installed clear bras and have installed them for years, but we also strongly believe that you should have the option to protect your vehicle for temporary uses.

Before TRACWRAP, we honestly felt there was nothing you could do to protect your paint quickly and easily, especially in the short-term.

We’re happy to give you a temporary product, similar to a clear car bra. It prevents rock chips, you install quick and easy, and remove instantly (no picking off teensy bits of left over plastic).

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Learn more about paint protection film, clear car bras, and how to fix common paint damage on our How To page.

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