Stop Rock Chips and Car Scratches



No more tiring paint repairs. No more bugs splattered across your hood, and fighting over price with auto body shops!

Stop the problems that come from rock chips by using TRACWRAP. We’ve been  doing paint protection since 2004 and we know TRACWRAP is the best product for your money. This is our story…

Dear friend,

TRACWRAP is the product of over 50 years of auto experience and road tripping.  We made it with you in mind so you could take control of your high-end paint protection and add or remove it whenever, wherever.

You see, TRACWRAP is not like other paint protection films. It is made specially so it’s easy for you to install but it still offers the same protection as a professionally installed clear bra, but for short term driving.

Customers like Mike from Tampa, Florida use TRACWRAP for more than 1 trip, which is ideal. Mike had TRACWRAP on his red Porsche Carrera S for 3 months. He kept it on until he was done tracking his Porsche before deciding to pull it off.

You’ll find TRACWRAP protecting autos across the globe. From our company home in Las Vegas to the far East and Australia.

We’ve put all of our passion and experience into making TRACWRAP the strongest, most convenient, most affordable paint protection in the world. While it costs over $2000 to fix rock chips on high end cars, you can be fully protected with TRACWRAP for as little as $250.

How We Do It

After being frustrated car owners ourselves and commiserating with other owners at the speedway about no good paint protection we can put on and take off instantly ourselves, we went to work with the paint protection scientists. And here’s what we came up with. Film with special properties so it bends easily and can be installed by someone who has never even cleaned a car before. It’s that simple.

Why We Do It

We’ve been tinting and installed professional clear bras since 2004, but some of our customers wanted something more temporary than professional clear bra products. They wanted to go to the racetrack for the weekend, or put film on their car while it was being towed. They wanted to protect their RV for short term trips since they only hit the road a few weeks out of the year. All we could find was 3Ms painters tape.

So,  in 2009, we decided to put the power of paint protection in your hands. We made TRACWRAP with a special combination of ingredients to make it easy to install and used a unique adhesive so you could pull it off in a matter of seconds. We also made it tough, so it could withstand rock chips and minor road debris.

We love professionally installed clear bras and have installed them for years, but we also strongly believe the best protective film is the one that’s the quickest and easiest to install because it only takes a few seconds to damage unprotected paint.

Before TRACWRAP, we honestly felt there was nothing you could do to protect your paint quickly and easily.

In fact, I remember when I bought my first new car. I wanted everything to be perfect, so I asked every question I could think of to make sure my car would have the best care I could give it. When it came to scratches around the door cup and other high-use areas of paint, the car salesmen told me their was nothing I could do!

Imagine my surprise when 3 months later (and several scratches later) Chris, from told me I could save a lot of money by using clear bra. I’ve been using clear bras ever since, but I just wish more people know what I know. So I’m doing my best to get the word out.

We know how hard it is to find the right product for your auto, so we make it easy for you. You don’t have to spend $1000 + getting a professional install. You can get protected for less than $250 with TRACWRAP. There’s no waiting either. You just order your film and put it on your auto. Done.

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There has never been a better time to protect your car. You cannot afford the lost time and money that comes from rock chips and car scratches.