How To Get The Best Temporary Clear Bra and Paint Protection For The Lowest Possible Price


By Diana Gordon

You’re taking a road trip, going to the speedway, showing off your car at a show, or just bought a new one you need to drive to get paint protection installed. You like your paint looking shiny new. Problem is, there are a lot of different options out there when it comes to paint protection. Should you go with an invisible clear bra, painter’s tape, or the old school black leather car bra?

You’ve got your waxing and paint protection coatings, which will stop bird acids and  protect from nature’s elements.

You’ve got leather bras which should only be used as a last resort, since they are prone to slipping and also damage paint in a bad way.

And then for paint chip protection you’ve got temporary film options…

What are the differences in films?

First and foremost, let’s look at what everyone’s talking about:

Rock chips and price.

Let’s talk about how to get the best paint protection film (can stop paint chips and rock scratches) at the lowest possible price.

Here’s what people at the Corvette Forum are saying about

paint protection

Basically, a run down of what works and doesn’t. So you can see why one film

costs more than another.

If you already know about paint protection,

here’s a little history on why people ever used blue painters tape

and still do sometimes instead of an invisible clear bra.

You already know racing is awesome. There’s nothing like opening up a Porsche Turbo at the track or taking the Ferrari for a spin.

Get a clear bra for paint protection.

best-clear-braThe weird thing is, TRACWRAP is very affordable for the benefits it provides.

In fact, I had someone ask me why the heck the world’s strongest temporary paint protection film is so inexpensive, and they’ve got a good answer.

Tracwrap is a new film. Its been on the market for a year. It is made with very special chemicals, scientifically designed to bend and form to your auto so you can install it easy anytime, anywhere.

You probably already know this, but until Tracwrap was made, there were no clear bras strong enough to stop rock chips that were easy too install. Professionally installed paint protection is difficult to work with and install.  And that’s why Tracwrap is so unique.tracwrap-girl

The idea for Tracwrap came around after attending the speedway and seeing a ton of blue painters tape.

Tracwrap is the same as a professional clear bra except it has a special structure so you can install it fast and easy, and remove it without the slightest chance of pulling up your paint.

You can make it look wrinkle free by spending a couple extra minutes on the installation or you can just slap it on there for performance with no looks in mind.


Tracwrap can look invisible if you want or you can slap it on specifically for performance

In one of their videos there was a ten year old boy removing Tracwrap in a matter of minutes.

Their performance car film goes for $99.  A similar clear bra would cost you 3 times that much.

paint protection filmBut like I said before, Tracwrap is different than a professionally installed clear bra. It molds to your car easier and made just for you to do it yourself. Some customers have left it on for months, others for just a few hours. It’s your choice.

Because Tracwrap is the only film of its kind…

It’s 7 mils thick (average films are 2mils thick), stops rock chips, installs in minutes (most people do it in 15, but if you don’t want any could take a little longer.  The great part about it is you can remove in less than 5 minutes.

They took the hood off an old car and used it as a target. One side had Tracwrap the other side had painters tape. Taking a step back they shot a pellet gun at it a couple of times and found that the painters tape didn’t hold up as well as Tracwrap did.

Personally, I love professional installs, and I love Tracwrap too. I’m a little crazy about my paint. Driving a black BMW, the paint is like butter. I can scratch it with my finger nail.

So I personally feel doubling up for road trips, high speeds, and aggressive driving is smart. But I don’t care if you go with a professional install, double up your paint protection, or use Tracwrap to stop rock chips. They all protect your paint, and save you money down the road, and that’s what I care about.

If you are taking a road trip, driving at higher speeds, or you’re an aggressive driver give Tracwrap a try.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain.

Here’s a couple of ideas how a few of their customers have put it to use:

I have used it on the Rossion (over3M permanent film), the race ADR3 race car, and the tow vehicle. It works well for all 3 purposes. –Noble 57, Texas

Tracwrap looking invisible again

Hi Diana,
The Tracwrap worked very well, not 1 single issue. I left it on for about 3 months for 4 track events and everyday driving. It went through the rain, car washings and so forth with out any peeling. When I took the wrap off the paint was clean and like new underneath. Tracwrap works! Thanks again for trying some out on my car.
Mike, Tampa, Florida


Here’s what the people at the Corvette forum are saying…

Research it a little bit. Don’t know about the other stuff other than I saw multiple negative reviews when I searched on the same topic as the OP. The the tracwrap is 7mil thick, not really thin like carpet/furniture protector that other reviews say the product the OP asked about is like. Its basically clear bra material with a different adhesive so it will peel right off. I used it and it worked great, I just needed to get a new car home (250 miles) before I had a clear bra installed. I compared the tracwrap with the 3M clear bra material and it was similar thickness. My experience was that the tracwrap is exaclty as presented. Hope that helps anyone who is interested. – dci67 See The Complete Conversation Here

And here are a couple testimonials the AK Euro Club forwarded us from their online forum…

Yeah the stuff works great, I really like it and it was great on the cruise down to SoWo. After getting there I did not have to scrub bugs off the front of my car, just peeled off the Trac Wrap and was good to go.

And Another…

So a few weeks ago I headed down the Alcan. Being as the road has a way of taking paint off cars I went by CCAM to see if I could perhaps get some more Clear Bra installed. The guys there heard what I was doing and quickly set me up with a sample of Tracwrap. Its basically a temporary clear bra that you can put on yourself and just peel off when you are done. I put it on myself in about an hour, though a helper would have made things alot easier and look better. It wasn’t hard and even though it looked funny (since I installed it quick) it performed flawlessly. BIG THANKS to CCAM for hooking me up. It saved my paint and I’m hoping I can get some more before I head back home

paint protection film

An ugly but effective install


Attached are some pictures. I used the product to protect a new Corvette I purchased in New Jersey and needed to drive to my home in Virginia. It was only about 230 miles, but on the Jersey Turnpike and I-95 which are very congested with trucks and full of construction. I slapped the Tracwrap on dry, by myself, in a McDonalds parking lot so it was not pretty; but it was very effective. Thanks again for getting the shipment out.

paint protection

Another quick and effective tracwrap job


It’s the best removable film on the market, and not everyone should be using it. If you don’t take weekend trips, only drive in slower traffic, or have a used vehicle that’s not worth protecting, you don’t need Tracwrap.

Head to

Choose from Performance Car which is good for anyone with a hot rod, family sized vehicle, or who does track racing, and can be cut for two different uses if you are only covering the front or limited parts of your car; Small Auto And Motorcycle Film for economy sized vehicles, Premium Coverage for massive jobs or frequent driving in hazardous conditions, and Truck and RV Film for those jobs that need to cover a little bigger area.

See you on the Road!

Diana Gordon


3 Responses to How To Get The Best Temporary Clear Bra and Paint Protection For The Lowest Possible Price

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  2. Alejandro says:

    how do you remove the clear bra from your car?

    • admin says:

      With clear bra the best advice for removal is to have a professional do it. Paying them to remove it would be less of a headache if you were to do it yourself. Remember clear bra has a strong adhesive so there will be a lot to clean up once you get started. Plus it can give you blisters if you had a whole full coverage instead of the average half way up the hood protection. You will be working on it for a long time. Should you attempt to remove it yourself you will need adhesive remover, heatgun and a lot of microfiber towels! Use a heatgun and slowly heat and pull it off. Just be careful of pulling clear if your car has been repainted.

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