Paint Scratched?… expensive to fix hard to ignore

Small tip to fix light scratches

Clear bras and other protective film have solved that problem.

Let’s say you just bought a new car and haven’t had a chance to get any paint protection film on it. While your out for a drive a small rock/pebble went right through the clear coat…

Regardless of what happened we all get rock chips, scratches, and dings from time to time. The two main options…

  • You fix the scratches yourself, or
  • You pay to have someone fix it

If you have a light scratch and it isn’t deep try using Meguiars ScratchX. Apply a small amount on a clean foam pad and rub in a circular motion until you have no product left to rub. Continuing doing this until the scratch¬†disappears.

Check out Popular Mechanics simple guides for more tips and tricks on how to fix car scratches

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