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Film Solutions Inc. launches TRACWRAP temporary paint protection film comparable to clear bra

Las Vegas, NV November 6, 2010

Through Tracwrap, Film Solutions Inc. provides consumers with temporary paint protection film, comparable in quality to professionally installed clear car bras.

Tracwrap is a clear, 7-mil adhesive backed film, applied to the front of vehicles to protect them from paint chips caused by road hazards including bugs, rocks, gravel, debris, and natural elements. Tracwrap can easily be installed by the customer and removed instantly. It is residue free and costs less than $100 on average to cover the front of an auto. Tracwrap paint protection is commonly used for auto-cross enthusiast track events, road rallies, and cross-country travel with and without auto clear bras underneath.

Over the past 6 years, the Tracwrap team of auto professionals has provided paint protection solutions to thousands of new car owners, track cars, motor home drivers, and auto dealers. Due to an increased demand for more affordable paint protection, they created Tracwrap film, now providing vehicle owners instant paint protection at an economic price.

“Over the years we have seen numerous enthusiasts forego durable paint protection in favor of thin, blue painters tape due to the expensive cost of cross country travel to shows and track events. Painter’s tape does not offer quality protection to a vehicle owner. We wanted to fill a much-needed niche in the auto community by providing an inexpensive, yet strong, do-it-yourself paint protection film for auto enthusiasts, racers, and road trippers who clearly wanted a temporary paint protection solution as strong as clear bra,” says Ms. Phillips, President of

Using Tracwrap, a consumer can now cover the bumper and leading edge of the hood for an average of $100, keeping paint pristine over the course of a road trip or weekend auto cross. Tracwrap goes on instantly at home or at the track and can be removed residue free by pulling it off the vehicle slowly when finished.

“We have had excellent overall reception of the product both online and at the events we have attended thus far including SEMA and Red Line Time Attack, Porsches 2 Oxford,” says Ms. Phillips.

Tracwrap paint protection film is now available online at

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