Install temporary paint protection film the easy way


Wash area for TRACWRAP install. Wax and sealant does not need to be removed. Be sure edges such as the underside of the hood or wheel wells are free of grease, dirt, or any other contaminants so TRACWRAP will stick.

 TRACWRAP Dry Install (for clean installs/best suited for 2)

  1. Lay TRACWRAP down on one side of the car and work your way to the other.
  2. Have one person stretch TRACWRAP

    keeping tension.


  1. Begin by spraying the area with water.

  2. Remove Tracwrap from backing paper. (or back roll it on the car)
  3. Place TRACWRAP where you sprayed water on your car. (You can wet TRACWRAP too if you like)
  4. Take your hand OR a card, such as a credit card, and wrap it in a towel, preferably microfiber.

  5. Squeegee TRACWRAP down pushing water and air towards the edge.

  6. Lift and reposition TRACWRAP as needed,  be sure to respray TRACWRAP and the area of installation each time TRACWRAP is lifted.

  7. Stretch TRACWRAP around curves to conform TRACWRAP to bumpers, curved hoods, etc.


  1. Simply remove TRACWRAP by peeling off slowly working your way from one side to the other. 



TRACWRAP is intended to be a temporary protective solution. Vehicles which have been repainted or have touch ups are often times susceptible to paint/clearcoat pulling or touch ups coming up upon removal of any adhesive substrate application such as vinyl, paint protection film, or TRACWRAP. There is no express or implied warranty covering penetrations or damage to the surface which TRACWRAP is applied to, including paint, vinyl, plastics, glass, etc. The included instructions are intended to be merely a suggestive guide. TRACWRAP is not intended for permanent applications or for use as a fastening or securing medium of any kind.