Have you used temporary paint protection?

Not everyone benefits from paint protection. If you don’t have a car, truck, RV or valuable machine, don’t care about how your auto looks, or about the money you will lose trading in your auto with subpar paint, then you probably don’t need paint protection film.

Tracwrap is a very special kind of paint protection film.

It was created specifically for consumers to install themselves, it is 3.4 times thicker than other temporary paint films on the market. No special skill required for installing tracwrap. Goes on just as fast as it can be removed.

You should not need residue remover to take tracwrap off. It peels off like you would peel a banana, leaving your paint clean and fresh underneath.


If you….

  • Care about how your car looks
  • Got a new car but didn’t pay for a professionally installed clear bra
  • Use painter’s tape or Cling wrap-thin protective film on your car
  • Are taking your vehicle on unfamiliar roads
  • Have a high-end sports car and worry about scratches or damage to your clear bra
  • Enjoy driving cross country
  • Will be driving to a car show with your show car
  • Race your car at the speedway
  • Just got a ding in your clear bra and need a quick-fix to stop rocks from getting in

Then check out tracwrap.

Purchase tracwrap here for a quick and simple delivery to your door.

Watch our install video

And drive around worry free from point A to B.

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