Clear Bra vs Tracwrap paint protective film – What is the difference?

Tracwrap is not the same as warrantied clear bras. The use of clear bra is more for a long term period. Clear bra has to be installed/removed by a professional. Look up local clear bra installers in your city to get more information on what type of coverage is best for your car.

On the other hand tracwrap is more for short term protection. With tracwrap you install it yourself. No professional installer is needed for the install or removal of this. Many customers use tracwrap for trips and events like auto cross, road trips, high speed driving on the race tracks, car transportation and cross country travels.

Tracwrap has a specially formulated adhesive meant to remove easy and last temporarily. RV owners, cross country driving folks, and exotic car owners are equally happy with the transparent, clear look of tracwrap paint protection film. Read their stories…

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