Cars and protection film -where to use it and why – TRACWRAP


Where to install paint protection film on your car?

The typical places to apply paint protection film on your auto are:

anywhere you are worried paint might get scraped up or damaged.

Why use clear bras in those places?

Although some people do go beyond the simple clear bra and cover their entire car in paint protection film, it’s not the norm because it gets pretty expensive.

So to help your budget and your paint, you only need to paint protection film where your car is most likely to get damaged (hood, bumper, rocker panels, back of side mirrors).

Why isn’t TRACWRAP pre cut to fit the bumper,rocker panels, and mirrors… ?

With TRACWRAP, you don’t have to worry about precision cuts. You roll the film out along the area you want to cover, cut it lengthwise, and lay it on the surface you are covering. Using water can help. Please see our installation page for more details on installing with water.

See TRACWRAP protection film on cars

You can use TRACWRAP, paint protection under 6o minutes, no special tools or tricks required…

Unless of course you are hoping to leave TRACWRAP on for the long-term, which isn’t recommended…that’s what professionally installed clear bras are for.