Tracwrap temporary paint protection film

Why should you use Tracwrap ?

  • traveling cross country; why not protect your RV or car from bugs, chips, debris etc…
  • race track; easy clean up from all the rubber you get stuck on the side of your car.
  • transportation; ship your car, motorcycle, RV, boat etc with a little assurance that your paint will be protected.


Keep in mind that Tracwrap sticks to just about anything. I personally use it for a lot of different things. Heres a couple of photos of what I used Tracwrap on …

I have a central vac that i just got. One somehow I nicked the corner of my bed post and while vacuuming and now the bed post has a small chip. So I decided to Tracwrap the front and sides of the vacuum. Hasn’t caused anymore chips in anything else since :)

My other photo is the area where you step up into the car. I like to keep my cars in decent condition. That’s pretty hard to do especially with three clumsy teens hoping in and out of the car. These two strips have been on there for three years now. As I peel up the Tracwrap it leaves no adhesive and no marks from the many scuffs you see there.

Last photo I am sharing is a photo of the husbands cell phone. Everyone knows me as a cheap-o. The man gets a new phone and 2-3 months later drops it face down and smash goes the screen. I had scraps left from my trash pile and decided “you don’t need a new phone, let me patch the face up because it’s still usable!” one year later with all the lint fuzzes you see there he still holding on to that phone until the new upgrade comes along :)

I hope my little stories were useful. Maybe when you have scraps left from your Tracwrap you can share your experiences with us here at

Just email your stories and experiences to subject: tracwrap experience

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Extreme Autofest 2012

July 29, 2012 Extreme Autofest in San Diego CA

Are you guys ready to give this show what you got?! Ladies are you ready for the hot bikini contest?! Cause we all know the fellas are ready!

This year our team won’t make it to the show. So we’re hoping to see tons of photos on everyone’s Facebook status of course. Many cars with many characters that’s for sure. As we all know nobody does it better than SoCal.  Good luck to all the folks that are competing! Have fun drive safe :)

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Auto paint protection

Spring is here and everyone is ready to take out their summer cars. Maybe it’s a show car or a race car, whatever you might have it’s ready to be taken out of that garage.

When you take your car to attend a show you worry about how you can get it there without harming your paint. A lot of people use the blue tape method, some use road wrap . I have seen duck tape too. Of course the duck tape is put on top of the blue painters tape for more protection, but what do you do about your headlights? Do you just leave them exposed so you can use them during the drive? I think that if you cover everything but the lights that would be silly.

Your whole car is protected but your lights can get horribly sandblasted. Being in a car show I would think that is something you would want protected too.  With Tracwrap you can use it to protect the whole front end of your car plus your lights! Now you can use them for your drive and they wont get ugly.


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Nascar is coming to Las Vegas NV in March

March is here and so is Nascar. Everyone comes in from all over to watch the race. Fans come into town anywhere from Texas to Missouri to locals.

Some men say real men go straight not in circles. What does that mean? Does that just mean that Nascar is a boring race that all you see is 40+ cars going in circles crashing into one another? Well to some that’s exactly what it means.

To some Nascar  might mean adrenaline, speed, fast thinking etc… In the end a race is a race no matter if you’re going straight or in circles. It’s where the driver takes it… either he’s taking it to the finish line first or last he still passes that checker flag! And what does that checker flag stand for? The “race” is over.

Check out for the next race near you.


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Paint Scratched?… expensive to fix hard to ignore

Small tip to fix light scratches

Clear bras and other protective film have solved that problem.

Let’s say you just bought a new car and haven’t had a chance to get any paint protection film on it. While your out for a drive a small rock/pebble went right through the clear coat…

Regardless of what happened we all get rock chips, scratches, and dings from time to time. The two main options…

  • You fix the scratches yourself, or
  • You pay to have someone fix it

If you have a light scratch and it isn’t deep try using Meguiars ScratchX. Apply a small amount on a clean foam pad and rub in a circular motion until you have no product left to rub. Continuing doing this until the scratch disappears.

Check out Popular Mechanics simple guides for more tips and tricks on how to fix car scratches

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Show Cars and Tracwrap-Don’t Leave Home Without It

Why should you choose tracwrap when you can just get clear bra? Tracwrap is a temporary paint film that helps you get your car from A to B safely without the chances of getting your paint ruined along the way. Clear bra does that too. It just stays on the car for a longer period and has to be professionally installed and removed if needed.

Show car owners would most likely purchase (2) 8”x40′ tracwrap rolls. One to head to your destination and the other to wrap your car while heading back home.

After arriving at the desired destination, remove tracwrap at the show and start prepping like you would normally do. Win or lose you still win in the end if judges were looking for the best paint with no chips!

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XPEL Paint Protection – TRACWRAP paint protection film

XPEL paint protection revolutionized protective film when they came out with their ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film–the invisible warrantied clear bra that boosts the trade-in value of your car.

XPEL ULTIMATE film is unique because its urethane film comes with a special clear coat that doesn’t yellow over the years like other protective film products.

XPEL ULTIMATE is treated like normal paint. You wash, wax, and practice car care as usual, but without the worry of accidental car scrapes and scratches.

XPEL ULTIMATE is professionally applied to painted areas on the vehicle, namely the front end, backs of mirrors, rocker panels, fenders, bumpers, wheel wells, and more.

Some expensive car owners just don’t want to take chances with their cars so they invest in clear bra.

Classic, exotic, and sports car owners are more frequently opting to cover their entire car in Scotchgard to avoid any costly repaints and repairs.

Seems extreme, but when we do the math, professionally installed clear bras suddenly look a lot more affordable.

If you spend 30,000 on your car…

  • After a car keying or deep scratch repainting 1 door to prevent rust damage may cost upwards of $500
  • Repainting your hood $500 -1000

These two numbers alone pay for an XPEL ULTIMATE clear bra and professional installation on your hood, rocker panels, and bumper with cash to spare.

Take home message?

Maybe it can help boost the trade in value of your car over the long-term by using protective film such as XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film.


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Clear Bra vs Tracwrap paint protective film – What is the difference?

Tracwrap is not the same as warrantied clear bras. The use of clear bra is more for a long term period. Clear bra has to be installed/removed by a professional. Look up local clear bra installers in your city to get more information on what type of coverage is best for your car.

On the other hand tracwrap is more for short term protection. With tracwrap you install it yourself. No professional installer is needed for the install or removal of this. Many customers use tracwrap for trips and events like auto cross, road trips, high speed driving on the race tracks, car transportation and cross country travels.

Tracwrap has a specially formulated adhesive meant to remove easy and last temporarily. RV owners, cross country driving folks, and exotic car owners are equally happy with the transparent, clear look of tracwrap paint protection film. Read their stories…

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Temporary paint protection Cars | Trucks | Boats | Auto Cross Speedway

Cheap, yet strong, paint protection film, Tracwrap is in a class of its own. It’s 3.4 times thicker than the leading competitor. Some say Tracwrap is America’s #1 temporary paint protection solution.

Learn about protective film for your vehicle or event…car, truck, rv, boat, autocross, speedway

Tracwrap is usually used for weekend trips and short-term excursions. With tracwrap, you can protect your vehicle for less than $100 on average. That’s as much as 10 times cheaper than a professionally installed clear bra.

But the great thing is, tracwrap glides over a clear bra for complete, heavy-duty protection.


It peels off super quick–in a matter of seconds.

Average thin paint protection film or blue painter’s tape is not as thick as tracwrap and they might not prevent your car from getting chips.

Go here to check out protective film for your vehicle

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Have you used temporary paint protection?

Not everyone benefits from paint protection. If you don’t have a car, truck, RV or valuable machine, don’t care about how your auto looks, or about the money you will lose trading in your auto with subpar paint, then you probably don’t need paint protection film.

Tracwrap is a very special kind of paint protection film.

It was created specifically for consumers to install themselves, it is 3.4 times thicker than other temporary paint films on the market. No special skill required for installing tracwrap. Goes on just as fast as it can be removed.

You should not need residue remover to take tracwrap off. It peels off like you would peel a banana, leaving your paint clean and fresh underneath.


If you….

  • Care about how your car looks
  • Got a new car but didn’t pay for a professionally installed clear bra
  • Use painter’s tape or Cling wrap-thin protective film on your car
  • Are taking your vehicle on unfamiliar roads
  • Have a high-end sports car and worry about scratches or damage to your clear bra
  • Enjoy driving cross country
  • Will be driving to a car show with your show car
  • Race your car at the speedway
  • Just got a ding in your clear bra and need a quick-fix to stop rocks from getting in

Then check out tracwrap.

Purchase tracwrap here for a quick and simple delivery to your door.

Watch our install video

And drive around worry free from point A to B.

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