What is Auto Cross?

Who loves auto cross?

Autocross or Solo (as called by the Sports Car Club of America) is a timed competition around curvey corners, cones, and sharp turns. If you hit a cone on the course, you get penalized, so driving faster isn’t always better, but speeds can get up to around 70mph for skilled drivers.

Who is auto cross for?

Anyone who owns a street legal vehicle can do auto cross. There are no highly structured rules, so you will do better if you practice a lot of unfamiliar routes while driving instead of the same patterns over and over.

If you compete in auto cross, it is important to protect your paint from gravel gettin kicked up by tires or even hitting cones on the tight turned courses. TRACWRAP can protect your paint from the damage. Just apply where needed such as behind the wheels and the sides of the front bumper. For more information go to BUY TRACWRAP 

If you are interested in the autocross motorsport, check out a few of these resources:

Solo – Sports Car Club of America

EMRA – Eastern Motor Racing Association

NAAM Index of North American Auto Cross Clubs

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