About TRACWRAP Paint Protection Film and Clear Bras- Why we made our special protective film for your auto

Tracwrap by XPEL has an all new formula for making temporary paint protection film. Using an air channel adhesive the user can install this product dry, in the wind, and on the spot.

Why we did TRACWRAP

We love professionally installed clear bras and have installed them for years, but we saw a huge need for a TEMPORARY product. After attending many track events, Autocross events, car shows, etc and seeing the classic blue painters tape everywhere or worse yet NO protection and rock chipped vehicles we realized that the auto industry needed a sister product to the long term clear-bra.

Our customers wanted something more temporary than professional clear bra products. They wanted to go to the racetrack for the weekend, or put film on their car while it was being towed. They wanted to protect their RV for short term trips since they only hit the road a few weeks out of the year.

The industry needed a temporary product that provided the thicker protection than painters tape and the paper thin protection films but still provided an easy application that wasn’t as blaringly noticeable as the painters tape.

So, in 2014, we decided to put the power of paint protection in your hands. We made TRACWRAP with a special adhesive so you could pull it off in a matter of seconds without leaving bits of plastic or glue behind. We also made it tough, so it could withstand minor rock chips. We’re happy to give you a temporary product, similar to a clear bra. It prevents rock chips, installs quick and easy, and removes instantly.