XPEL Paint Protection – TRACWRAP paint protection film

XPEL paint protection revolutionized protective film when they came out with their ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film–the invisible warrantied clear bra that boosts the trade-in value of your car.

XPEL ULTIMATE film is unique because its urethane film comes with a special clear coat that doesn’t yellow over the years like other protective film products.

XPEL ULTIMATE is treated like normal paint. You wash, wax, and practice car care as usual, but without the worry of accidental car scrapes and scratches.

XPEL ULTIMATE is professionally applied to painted areas on the vehicle, namely the front end, backs of mirrors, rocker panels, fenders, bumpers, wheel wells, and more.

Some expensive car owners just don’t want to take chances with their cars so they invest in clear bra.

Classic, exotic, and sports car owners are more frequently opting to cover their entire car in Scotchgard to avoid any costly repaints and repairs.

Seems extreme, but when we do the math, professionally installed clear bras suddenly look a lot more affordable.

If you spend 30,000 on your car…

  • After a car keying or deep scratch repainting 1 door to prevent rust damage may cost upwards of $500
  • Repainting your hood $500 -1000

These two numbers alone pay for an XPEL ULTIMATE clear bra and professional installation on your hood, rocker panels, and bumper with cash to spare.

Take home message?

Maybe it can help boost the trade in value of your car over the long-term by using protective film such as XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film.


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